Music Distribution

with a twist

Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and  130+ streaming and social media platforms.

No recurring fees, keep 100% of your earnings, tokenize streaming royalty rights and level up your fandom!

The best music distribution service? Maybe.


One-Time Distro Cost

No recurring annual fees to keep your music up on all the major streaming platforms.


NEWM does not take a cut of your streaming royalties or earnings like other music distributors.


Automated Payment Splits

Mint & release music with automated streaming royalty splits to you and your collaborators.

Includes: YouTube Content ID, distribution to Shazam, TikTok and all major social media platforms, wallet connector to receive royalties, EAN & ISRC release code generation & more

Music Distribution Cost


$9.99 (limited-time offer)

/ per release

One-Time Network Costs*

~3.3A blockchain music minting

~1.3A travel fee per collaborator

*These fees are associated with the blockchain, NEWM does not take a cut.

Album feature and new plans in the works

Benefits of Music Distribution

with NEWM Studio



Music Distribution with a Twist

By tokenizing your streaming royalty rights when you distribute music (aka minting Stream Tokens), you can release your music on your terms. Keep 100% of your royalties, or seamlessly transfer streaming royalty rights from one party to another, NEWM Studio puts the power in your hands.

Royalties and revenue (3)


Royalties and revenue

Fractionalizing streaming royalties is step one to unlocking a new revenue stream. When our marketplace goes live in 2024, you’ll be able to sell future streaming royalties to your fans and listeners, providing upfront revenue for your next big thing. 

Increased exposure 1


Increased exposure

Be among the first to utilize innovative tech that will break ground on the future of the music industry and unlock the true value of music.

Creative control 1


Creative control

No more gatekeepers to releasing your music on your terms. Set your dates and automate streaming royalty splits to collaborators.

Ready to take your music to the next level?




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