Owning your music

starts here.

Thrive as a career musician in an increasingly digital world. Take ownership of your creative content, and get fairly compensated for leaving your musical mark on the world.


Create and share your music on your terms. No more gatekeepers.


Enhance the artist-fan relationship through music royalty-sharing.


Build a sustainable music-centered community and following.

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“NEWM is geared towards artist appreciation. We put an incredible amount of effort into creating the best possible art for our fans, and streaming has stripped away the importance of that work.”

Golden West | Musicians, Song Writers

Golden West Testimonial

More than just a product,

we’re building a music industry movement.

More and more artists are looking to web3 solutions for music distribution and monetization. Successfully transitioning into this space long term can be difficult, so let us do the heavy lifting. We are dedicated to providing all the resources artists need to get their music to the masses and get paid doing what they love.

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“I wanted NEWM before NEWM existed! That's how I found them originally. I am super excited to see all of it come to life.”

Josh Wells | Musician, Producer

Josh Wells Testimonial