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Community Guidelines

& House Rules


You know what it means. Be respectful of all members and admins in the community. Insults, threats, and abusive language will result in being banned from the group. As the community grows, differences in opinions and views are welcomed and encouraged so long as they are shared in a respectful manner.

  • No spamming, advertisements, or solicitation – includes successively texting/sharing/posting in the group, as well as self-promoting external links to your websites, socials or creative content. (Educational posts/links are permissible upon approval from admins)
  • Typing in ALL CAPS is considered shouting, please don’t shout at people.
  • Competitive analysis is allowed in discussion format only, promotional posts for our competitors will be deleted, and the user will be sent a violation notification.
  • Keep your posts short, sweet, and to the point.
  • No flooding or text bombing – think twice before you share, and try to limit it to one message/post. Several consecutive notifications can be overwhelming to members and cause serious inquiries to get lost in the mix.

“We are fair/ equal/ inclusive, connecting, revolutionary, empowering, friction-less & transparent.”

NEWM | Brand Values

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Please Use English Only

We are a global community, inclusive of many different languages and cultures, so we understand that a lot can be lost in translation. We are trying to make information as accessible as possible to the masses. Please contact admins directly for inquiries in other languages.

Q&As and Response Times

Our admins have a pretty quick TAT for the questions/concerns they can answer directly. However, some posts will require insight from the NEWM leadership team; these will be collected and queried accordingly over the course of a week, and responses will be issued the following week.

Patience Is a Virtue

As a global startup, our team is located across many different time zones. Please be patient with updates and follow-ups, and utilize the community for questions that may have been answered already.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Harassment, Cyber-bullying, FUD and Obscenity will NOT be tolerated at any time, in any manner across all of our channels. This is antithetical to our core values and will result in the user being banned from EVERY channel immediately. Public and private messages with paid promotions/advertising or containing suspicious links will also result in immediate ban.

PM/DM and Call Policy

To protect the privacy and security of our admins, personal calls are not allowed with community members unless they are deemed absolutely necessary or approved by the executive team as special circumstances. PMs/DMs are welcomed, but we strongly encourage the use of the NEWM Community Telegram chat for all communication.

Two violations of house rules will result in the user being banned.

projectNEWM’s social channels are safe spaces for all members to connect with the growing community and our team in a decentralized manner. Everyone who joins is expected to adhere to our Community Guidelines & House Rules.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to ban any user at any given moment.

Thank you for being an important part of this community!