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Music and Memory

A dive into the science behind why we remember music – even when we’ve forgotten everything else.

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home studio

7 Essentials You Need for Your Home Studio

Want to build a home studio? Here’s a list of must-have music production equipment and tech you need.

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Music on the Mind

A look at the science of why we love music.

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tiktok music industry

How TikTok is Changing the Music Industry 

A look at the impact of “viral” culture on the music industry and how it contributes to the exploitation of musicians.

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Artist Spotlight: MURS

Tune in for a snapshot of our Twitter Space interview with Hip Hop legend, MURS, and get his take on what’s needed to build a better music industry for current and future artists.

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WTF Is Tokenomics?!

The keys to unlocking a solid understanding of a cryptocurrency coin or a token project is to take a look at their tokenomics.

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The Day the Music Stopped

An unfiltered look at how COVID-19 affected the music industry, and why artists say we can’t go back.

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The Transformation of the Music Industry in the Digital Age

An inside look at how streaming has impacted the music industry, how the cash flows, and where artists land in the new equation.

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