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What Does Web3 Really Mean for Musicians?

By Macyn Hunn | Nov 23, 2022

Four benefits of Web3 that every musician should know

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Crypto 101: What is Staking?

By Macyn Hunn | Oct 30, 2022

A quick, newbie-friendly breakdown on the ins and outs of staking and proof-of-stake blockchains

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Web3, NFTs, and the Future of Music

By Michael Kasdan (Guestauthor) | Sep 20, 2022

An insight into the impact of Web3 and the new direction of the music industry

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8 Cardano Resources Every Crypto Newbie Needs to Know 

By Macyn Hunn | Sep 14, 2022

A one-stop shop for Cardano education, news and updates

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Musician vs. Machine: Is AI-Generated Music the Sound of the Future?

By Macyn Hunn | Aug 31, 2022

A look at AI-generated music and its implications within the music industry.

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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts 101

By Macyn Hunn | Aug 17, 2022

A breakdown on what smart contracts really are – and how they work.

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home studio

7 Essentials You Need for Your Home Studio

By Macyn Hunn | Jul 28, 2022

Want to build a home studio? Here’s a list of must-have music production equipment and tech you need.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Project Catalyst Funding

By Jessica Jayakaran | Jul 22, 2022

What is Project Catalyst and why you should bother to vote!

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what is an nft

WTF is an NFT?!

By Macyn Hunn | Jun 29, 2022

Finally, an easy-to-digest explanation of what NFTs are, what they’re used for and how to buy them.

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