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Inside NEWM Studio – A Guide to Distributing & Minting Your Music

By Macyn Hunn | Feb 13, 2024

The NEWM Studio is officially LIVE, which means artists all over the world can now mint & distribute their music, and experience the power of bringing their streaming royalties on…

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NEWM Token Utility – A Breakdown

By Macyn Hunn | Dec 12, 2023

From exclusive discounts to insightful analytics, NEWM Token offers a wealth of utilities for artists, fans and the whole community. Explore more…

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YEARLY REWIND: Inside the last two years at NEWM

By Macyn Hunn | Nov 28, 2023

NEWM Co-Founders, Ryan Jones and Florian Pittini, come together to showcase NEWM’s two-year progress and the exciting developments coming next.

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Artist Spotlight: Mike Lerman

By Macyn Hunn | Apr 3, 2023

Mike Lerman shares his story and how he’s embracing the potential of Web3 and music co-ownership

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How Cardano is Saving the Planet One Block at a Time

By Macyn Hunn | Mar 26, 2023

A look at how Cardano-built projects are making a difference

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Crypto 101: How to choose a stake pool

By Macyn Hunn | Jan 1, 2023

Choosing a stake pool is an important decision – here are 4 factors you should consider before becoming a stake pool delegator.

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What Does Web3 Really Mean for Musicians?

By Macyn Hunn | Nov 23, 2022

Four benefits of Web3 that every musician should know

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Crypto 101: What is Staking?

By Macyn Hunn | Oct 30, 2022

A quick, newbie-friendly breakdown on the ins and outs of staking and proof-of-stake blockchains

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Web3, NFTs, and the Future of Music

By Michael Kasdan (Guestauthor) | Sep 20, 2022

An insight into the impact of Web3 and the new direction of the music industry

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