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Bigger Dreams

Get involved with music on a whole new level by co-owning songs next to the artists that made them, and earning future streaming royalties together.


Pro Tip: 'Bigger Dreams' was the first official music drop on NEWM, making it a one-of-a-kind collectible.

Welcome to the Future of Music

For all the ‘music = life’ kids, tech junkies, discovery gurus, audiophiles, tastemakers, fair wage warriors, the “I-knew-them-before-they-were-famous” collectors, and the friends in the group who always know the best new music or cutting-edge technology… This one’s for you.

You don't have to be a record label or investor to own music rights anymore! Connect directly with artists through music co-ownership and watch the royalties roll in. Why just listen when you can listen and earn?

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Be more than a data point in a multibillion-dollar industry.


Support the artists you love and grow together.


Generate passive income from your favorite pastime. 


  • Oct 8, 2022


    Nido Love in the water

    Nido album cover for music streaming marketplace

    NIDO, an Electronic Producer from Norway, offered 100% streaming royalty rights to his fans in this exclusive drop.   

    Mood: Dance / Sexy Sax

  • Oct 8, 2022


    Murs Bigger dreams play

    Murs album cover for music streaming marketplace

    Hip-Hop legend MURS along with Moodswingz Musik created this banger that speaks to the future of music. If you’re into Hip Hop, this is a piece of history!

    Mood: Feel Good

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