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Unlock the potential of your music and transform it into a unique digital asset with RecordStore. Our seamless and artist-friendly minting process empowers musicians to tokenize their creativity and connect directly with a global audience.

Minting your music on RecordStore is as easy as composing a masterpiece. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the entire minting process, ensuring transparency at every step. From uploading your tracks to customizing metadata, you’re in control of your NFT creation journey.

We are proud to be on the Cardano blockchain, known for its sustainability and low environmental impact. Mint your NFTs with confidence, knowing that your artistic contributions are backed by a secure and eco-friendly infrastructure.

At RecordStore, we believe in fair compensation for artists. Through smart contracts on Cardano, we enable automatic and transparent royalty distributions every time your NFT is sold. Take control of your earnings and focus on what matters most—creating music.

By minting your NFTs on RecordStore, you gain access to a global community of art and music enthusiasts. Your creations become part of a curated collection that reaches audiences passionate about supporting innovative artists. Let your music transcend borders and find its place in the decentralized world of NFTs.

RecordStore doesn’t just mint NFTs; we actively promote and showcase your work. Benefit from our promotional tools and campaigns designed to amplify your presence within the NFT and music communities. Elevate your profile, increase visibility, and connect with fans who appreciate the unique value of your NFTs

Our team is here to support you on your NFT journey. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or exploring the world of NFTs for the first time, we provide assistance and guidance to ensure a smooth minting experience. Your success is our priority.


20 ADA per unique book

Remember how CDs came with booklets that included pictures, lyrics, liner notes and other fun bonus materials? (or are you too young to remember?) We can import your designs or help you create from scratch a completely original digital memorabilia experience for your fans and collectors. Everything from the traditional common elements to cookbooks, comic books, film scripts, and whatever else you can dream up!  Give more to music, make it an experience.

Artwork & Rarities

Want to create custom or AI-generated cover art?  What about randomized rarity elements that can add some extra collectibility to your music? We can help! PFP projects have been the norm for NFTs to date. If you want to add a unique spin to your collection, touch base!

Music Videos etc.

Got a music video for your release?  Mint it with your music!

Got an interview or other video explaining the music etc.?  Include it!

JPG Store Verification

10 ADA

While The RecordStore does minting and secondary sales all in the same space. We understand that it’s important to have visibility on multiple marketplaces. We can set up verified collections on JPG Store and walk you through the process after you’re verified.


Are you a member of a community and want to give special deals to holders of a certain token or collectible? We can create multiple options for you to offer to your favorite communities to reward their engagement.


On average 2.2-3.2 ADA per wallet

There’s nothing like waking up to find that you’ve been gifted an NFT and/or tokens from a project you love. Reward your holders with an airdrop using our seamless process. We can build a custom airdrop schedule for you and your project to reward your holders in your community.

Claiming Portal

If you have a large community and airdropping is too expensive, we can create custom landing website that will allow your community to claim tokens, NFTs, or a combination of both – all without you taking on exorbitant travel and mint fees. (Usually recommended if you have 500+ recipients.)

Custom Requests

Got an idea for your music collectible that isn’t covered here? Drop us a line and tell us what you have in mind!

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