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the future of participation.

Staking with NEWM Pool is a unique opportunity for the Cardano Community to support our vision of a fair music ecosystem and unlock limited edition rewards, including early access to $NEWM and NFT perks.

Disclaimer: projectNEWM does not provide legal or financial advice. Cryptocurrency and staking regulations differ across many jurisdictions; we suggest consulting with legal or financial advisors in yours.

The Benefits

No Risk

Earn interest on your $ADA without locking it up.


Receive $NEWM and other tokens on DripDropz.

Free NFTs

NEWM NFTs are free to stakepool delegators.


NEWM Pool sustainably supports our project.

Get involved

And Earn Rewards

Join our music industry movement and get rewards by selecting one of the $ADA-compatible wallets below to start your staking journey with NEWM Pool today.

NEWM currently recommends GeroWallet or Eternl.

Full Transparency

25% of $ADA pool earnings will directly support building NEWM’s fair music ecosystem.

Claim Rewards

NEWM pool delegators can claim 13 $NEWM per 1,000 $ADA staked and other token rewards through DripDropz.

Verify Pool Info

Pool ID: 926b65d00c21aa1fb19e44faa2293e342578ed6a80aca4a551191a70
Bech32: pool1jf4kt5qvyx4plvv7gna2y2f7xsjh3mt2szk2ff23ryd8qg826hj

“What NEWM does for the music industry has been needed for many years. The industry was built to exploit artists, but now we finally have the tools to fight back!”

MoodSwingz Group | Crypto Record Label

Ambassador white moodswingz


An NFT series

To show our appreciation to NEWM Pool delegators, we're offering limited edition collectibles as perks. Collect NEWMonsters to unlock retrospective benefits as our roadmap progresses. Who knows, maybe they will be your ticket to a NEWM music festival in the future…

Each NEWMonster in this series is live for 4 epochs, free to our delegators and can be claimed on with just a small tx fee. You must be staked with NEWM Pool for at least 2 epochs and be eligible for rewards to claim NEWMonster NFTs.

  • Sep 12, 2022

    Next Release

    Stay tuned for our next NEWMonster!

  • Aug 13, 2022

    'Lil' Beatz'

    Shout out to the dopest NEWMonster on the block! Our Hip Hop monster is bringing back those old school vibes.

  • Jul 14, 2022

    'NEWMaster of Ivories'

    This lil'monster is a throw "Bach" to the classics. Put your hands together for our mad genius on the keys!

  • Jun 14, 2022

    'Ready to Reggae'

    This NEWMonster is bringing us some chill vibes and tropical beats! Say Wah Gwaan to our Reggae (wo)maan.

  • May 15, 2022

    'DJ NEWMatic'

    NEWMonster DJ is in the house, hitting those turn tables like a beast. Welcome the third monster in our series.

  • Apr 15, 2022

    'Rock the NEWMiverse'

    Started with a bang and continuing with a headbang! Our NEWM Rock Monster officially takes the stage.

  • Mar 16, 2022

    'Hello World'

    Our very first NEWMonster: Say 'Hello' to our new 'World'.
    Welcome to the NEWMiverse.