8 Coachella 2024 Artists to Add to Your Playlist

Another year, another Coachella in the books – and if the accounts of attendees are anything to go by, this year’s music festival was a banger. With headlining performances by top-tier artists like Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, and No Doubt, it’s easy to attribute this year’s success to our love of nostalgia from what some consider a golden age of music. 

But while headlining acts bring in the majority of the crowds, there were more than a few diamonds to find in the rest of the expansive Coachella 2024 line-up. Granted, when it comes to musical festival lineups, it’s impossible to please everyone. This is especially true for Coachella. However, the full performer list, with over 150 artists, offers up one of the most globally representative and genre-diverse lineups in the festival’s history. 

In this article we’ll explore 8 underrated artists making their debut on the Coachella stage this year. 

Shall we? 

Militarie Gun 

If nothing else, 2024 is the year of the crossover. And if there was a band to represent hardcore music making its way into mainstream consciousness – Militarie Gun is it. Released in June 2023, their debut album, Life Under the Gun, showcases clear pop-punk influence and clean production that alternates between hardcore punk and melodic post-hardcore. The LA band delivers edgy emotional truth with influences reminiscent of The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Rollins. 

Two Shell

Mysterious and more than a little strange, Two Shell is a masked and anonymous English electronic duo. Together they make music that falls somewhere off the beaten path, resulting in a culmination of off-kilter glitch pop, breakbeat, and UK bass. One of the more enigmatic acts in the IDM sphere, their sets include theatrical style with live musical elements, elaborate visual screens, costumes, and ‘out-of-it’ vibes. 

Hermanos Gutiérrez 

Two Ecuadorian-Swiss brothers whose music combines dream-like, ambient Americana with Latin folk influences. Listening to their music evokes visions of travelling through a sun-baked landscape as sounds of the desert echo in the fading light. Languid and diaphanous, their music sets the perfect backdrop to a day spent daydreaming in the sun.

Oneohtrix Point Never

A maestro of the contemporary music scene and legendary producer, Oneohtrix Point Never personifies the title ‘Jack of all trades.’ His prowess as a producer transcends boundaries, seamlessly navigating through the labyrinth of experimental soundscapes. With each album, he unfurls a tapestry of sonic innovation across genres: avant-garde, industrial, ambient, psychedelic, vaporwave, and beyond. His unparalleled skill in blending the echoes of the past with the pulsating beats of the present, results in mesmerizing compositions that defy categorization. 

Black Country, New Road

Renowned for their unpredictable nature, the London-based band takes an experimental approach to rock. Initially exploring the realms of post-punk and post-rock, the departure of baritone-lead singer Isaac Wood prompted a shift towards baroque and neoclassical influences. Their latest release, “Live At Bush Hall,” showcases their evolution with a sprawling journey into progressive chamber pop, marked by rotating lead vocal duties among band members.


Hailing from England, this electronic pop duo (featuring Georgia Ellery of Black Country, New Road), exudes a penchant for captivating theatrics and unhinged experimentalism. Listening to their music is nothing if not unpredictable, which keeps listeners always on edge waiting for the next switch-up. Oscillating from minimalism to unexpected peaks, Jockstrap’s alt-pop musical style is perfect for those who crave dynamic versatility.


With a wildly diverse musical background across instruments and genres, Folamour’s music offers romantic melodies that beautifully infuses pop and jazz influences with classic house, funk and disco. Toeing the line of romantic lyricism & composition while staying true to electronic roots, Folamour’s music shows a progression of the artists’ evolution in a way that keeps listeners engaged. 

Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan first made a splash among the Queer community with her debut album released in 2023. ‘The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess,’ finds the singer embodying a persona inspired in part by drag performers. Think MUNA meets BoyGenius. High-energy, confident and camp, Chappell’s music seamlessly weaves together the sounds of disco, country, and 90s pop to create a sound that pushes both lyrical and melodic boundaries through hip-shaking beats and catchy lyrics.

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