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Power to the Artist

Own your creative content, take control of your funds and tap into your loyal fanbase by fractionalizing and distributing Mechanical IP Rights as NFTs.

Power to the Fan

Get the ultimate form of merch! Support the musicians you love, benefit from a multibillion-dollar industry and share in your favorite artists’ success.

Power to the Community

NEWM connects creators and collectors through a decentralized market, enabling a community-owned and governed platform.

“NEWM moves the music industry into a future that we as creatives truly deserve - I am thrilled to be part of this change!”


Dear artists,

Your music matters; it’s brought us here today. We know platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are taking the lion’s share of revenue from sales and streaming, and we don’t think that’s fair.

As a musician, intellectual property is extremely valuable and you shouldn’t have to sign away your ownership rights just to make a living.

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“The future of music is digital, and it's on NEWM.”

Ryan Jones | Co-Founder NEWM

Ryan Jones – 1

Music Streaming


Decentralized music streaming generates higher and faster royalty payouts per stream for all music owners. We’re replacing the middlemen with code that’s not incentivized to act in favor of third parties that take a huge cut of streaming revenue.

Enter the NEWMiverse

Anytime. Anywhere.

Mobile App


Connect to an amazing variety of artist catalogs and genres. Listen to HiFi audio in a user-friendly interface packed with unique ways to interact with artists directly, like co-owning music or tipping.


Music meets Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the NEWMarketplace. Buy, sell, trade and auction music NFTs with secure and verifiable digital contracts. Our in-app exchange provides a seamless experience.


Everything you need in an easy-to-use interface. Make streamlined transactions with a click of a button using an in-app wallet, and keep tabs on every NFT in your portfolio with real-time value tracking.

Technology Stack

The explosion of NFTs and blockchain technology has created a whole new asset class, giving us the power to make music a collectors’ item.

The Cardano blockchain gives us a competitive advantage with smaller transaction fees, sustainability, higher security, and research-driven development. To give you more insight into the technology NEWM is using, our white paper is linked in the footer.

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“NEWM’s team and vision are exactly what the music industry has needed for decades. I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of the ride!”

Jarrett Reynolds | Production Manager & Front House Engineer

Jarret – 1

Here's to

the crazy ones...

Ryan Jones – 1

Ryan Jones

Co-CEO, Partnerships, Founder

🎧 Classical Music

Florian Sorg – 1

Florian Sorg

Co-CEO, Finance & Operations, Founder

🎧 Lo-Fi, Chillstep, Deep House

Tiziana Pittini – 1

Tiziana Pittini

CPO & Brand

🎧 HipHop, Funk, Tropical House

Andrew Westberg – 1

Andrew Westberg

CTO & Security

🎧 80ies Metal

Elli Keck – 1

Elli Keck

Head of Team & Culture

🎧 Punk


Masafumi Otaki

Chief of Staff

🎧 House, HipHop, Oldies

Aqsa – 1

Aqsa Mushtaq

Senior Data Analyst

🎧 Classical & Folk

Adam Bloom

Adam Bloom

Business Development

🎧 Reggae, Rock, Blues

Caleb Walker – 1

Caleb Walker

Lead Ambassador Program

🎧 Classic HipHop

Alex Vavourakis – 1

Alex Vavourakis

Head of Marketing & Digital

🎧 Jazz, HipHop, House

Jessica Jayakaran – 1

Jessica Jayakaran

Lead Content & Community

🎧 Classic Rock

Macyn Hunn – 1

Macyn Hunn

Copy Writer

🎧 Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Pop

Marcos Pezzotti – 1

Marcos Pezzotti

Community Manager

🎧 Rock, Reggae, Rap, Classical

Michael Carter – 1

Michael Carter

Content Creation & Video

🎧 HipHop, Rap

Mirjam Beyeler – 1

Mirjam Beyeler

Visual Communication

🎧 Melodic Techno, HipHop, Post-Rock

Tomás Vasconcellos – 1

Tomás Vasconcellos

Senior UX Designer

🎧 80ies, Lofi, Latin Pop


Melissa Lagos

UX Designer

🎧 Pop, EDM, Reggeaton, Rock


Shawn Roller

User Researcher

🎧 Punk, Indie, Post-Hardcore

Sladan Eric – 1

Sladan Eric

Product Manager

🎧 Urban, Latin, Balkan Tunes


Quinn Parkinson

Lead Smart Contracts

🎧 Drum&Bass, House, Rap, Jazz

Andy Miller – 1

Andy Miller

Head of Mobile Development

🎧 Metalcore, Classic Rock, Alternative

Walter Lara – 1

Walter Lara

Lead Backend Developer

🎧 Alternative, Grunge

Marty Ulrich – 1

Marty Ulrich

Lead iOS Developer

🎧 Swiss Folk, Electronic, Rock

Cristhian Escobar – 1

Cristhian Escobar

Lead Android Developer

🎧 Reggeaton & HipHop

Jose Mateo – 1

Jose Mateo

Lead Automation & DevOps

🎧 HipHop, Reggae, Latin pop

Trevor – 1

Trevor Scandalios

Lead Web Developer

🎧 Alt Rock, Electronic, HipHop

Henry Quinn – 1

Henry Quillin

Front End Developer

🎧 HipHop, Lo-fi, Alt Rock

Jonatan Escobar – 1

Jonatan Escobar

Web Developer

🎧 HipHop, Latin, EDM, Lofi

Mateo Sanchez – 1

Mateo Sanchez

Front-end development Intern

🎧 Rap, Classic Rock, Drill


Cullen Pu

Junior Web Developer

🎧 HipHop, KPop, Lofi


Erika Nguyenova

Legal Advisor

🎧 Classic, HipHop, Modern Jazz, Funk


Steve Bauer

Operations Manager

🎧 Rock, 80's Metal


Cam Lind

Junior Social Media Manager

🎧 HipHop, RnB, Indie Pop, Folk, Jazz


Shubhan Patankar

iOS Development intern

🎧 Rap, HipHop, House, Edm



Robert Stewart

Legal Advisor

Expert in Intellectual Property Law


Matěj Kult

Management Advisor

Leadership & Global Operations Specialist


Jan Romportl

Technical Advisor

AI Research & Data Scientist

Michael Fazio

Michael Fazio

Technical Advisor

Information Security Specialist

Cody Butz – 1

Cody Butz

Technical Advisor

Smart Contracts

R J Burton – 1

RJ Burton

DevOps Advisor

Scrum & Agile



Music Business Advisor


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