5 Women-Led Blockchain Projects Making Waves in Web3

Blockchain technology stands as a powerful force, driving change and uniting visionaries and innovators who are committed to disrupting the status quo. In honor of this revolutionary spirit and International Women’s History Month, we’re paying tribute to the countless women worldwide who have left an indelible mark on the blockchain landscape. In particular, we’re shining a spotlight on women in web3 by highlighting some women-led projects whose trailblazing efforts are reshaping the industry, inspiring change, and driving innovation forward. 

But before we get into these amazing projects, let’s set the record straight… 

Misconceptions About Women in Crypto

Like many sectors that fall under the broad umbrella category of STEM, Web3 has historically been characterized as a male-dominated industry. But why is that? Are women simply not interested in crypto? Does this new, disruptive technology fall just outside most women’s areas of interest? No. (Obviously.) 

According to one Business Insider article, “Crypto has become the second most widely owned asset class for women, running just behind cash…”.  In fact, by the end of 2022, 34% of women owned crypto, increasing by 5% over a single quarter. 

Additionally, available data shows that around 37% of the 420 million global crypto holders in 2022 were women, a stark increase from the 21% in 2021. The rate of crypto ownership by women in the US alone has surged from 18% in 2023 to 29% at the start of 2024. So, suffice it to say that women are very much present in the space. 

Despite this presence, however, women are currently only a small part of the crypto workforce. According to Forex Suggest data, only 6% of CEOs in the crypto space are women. But those that are taking on leadership roles are pushing innovation to new levels and simultaneously paving the way for current and future generations of women to do the same.

Here are just a few of the women-led projects that are making a difference across the Web3 landscape… 

One Up One Down

The OneUpOneDown project has launched a Women in Web3 Mentoring Pool aimed at supporting women in building, launching, growing, investing in, and leading Web3 projects. The pool serves as a solution to the lack of women representation in this rapidly expanding industry that seeks to address gender disparities by providing mentorship opportunities tailored to the Web3 sector.

Co-founders Natalie Robinson and Dzhuliana Nikolova are deeply invested in the Web3 space, with Natalie boasting five years of experience in blockchain investment and education, while Dzhuliana is a Cardano Ambassador and Women in Cardano community co-leader. The Web3 Mentoring Pool connects mentors and mentees with shared interests and experiences, facilitating ongoing learning and knowledge-sharing within the growing OneUpOneDown network.

Through mentorship, the project aims to empower women to navigate the complexities of the Web3 industry, develop confidence in their abilities, and seize opportunities for professional growth and advancement. By fostering a supportive community of mentors and mentees, the initiative aims to simultaneously increase the representation of women in Web3 and cultivate a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem for innovation and collaboration.

Parity Technologies

Parity Technologies, co-founded by Jutta Steiner, is an innovative blockchain company specializing in Ethereum-based platforms. With a focus on providing tailored blockchain solutions, Parity Technologies empowers projects seeking to leverage Ethereum’s capabilities.

At its core, Parity Technologies is aims to revolutionize blockchain infrastructure. The company is spearheading the creation of an open-source creative commons, aimed at enhancing institutional frameworks through technology. Initially focusing on Ethereum development, Parity has transitioned its attention to Substrate, a leading blockchain framework. Leveraging Substrate, Parity has pioneered the development of Polkadot, a decentralized web blockchain meta-protocol, facilitating secure connections across crypto-economies.

Essentially, Parity Technologies’ primary focus unlocking the potential of blockchain technology for businesses and organizations. Their vision encompasses a future where blockchain transforms and enhances the systems utilized by businesses, consumers, and governments alike, paving the way for widespread adoption and innovation.

Cardano Women

CardanoWomen is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to empowering women and girls in Web3, situated at the intersection of technology, art, and education. With a mission to foster inclusivity and elevate underrepresented voices within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, CardanoWomen envisions a future where women, girls, and minorities are equally present in all spheres of Web3 and decision-making processes.

At the helm of this visionary project is CEO and Founder, Alexandra Watts, a first-generation Panamanian-American and Air Force Veteran. With a deep-rooted passion for culture, art, and technology, Alexandra brings a unique perspective to the industry, driving forward the mission of creating a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem within the Cardano community.

CardanoWomen strives to make inclusivity a natural aspect of discourse by championing diversity and representation in the Web3 landscape. By fostering an environment where improvement leads to better surroundings, the organization aims to catalyze positive change and pave the way for a future where equal participation is the norm.

Lightning Labs

Lightning Labs, co-founded and led by Elizabeth Stark, is a technology startup based in San Francisco, California, at the forefront of Bitcoin (BTC) scalability solutions. With a background in computer science and a keen interest in the technological innovation of Bitcoin, Stark transitioned into the world of cryptocurrency to lead Lightning Labs in its mission to enhance the performance of the BTC network.

Established in 2016, Lightning Labs developed a level-two open-protocol layer that harnesses the power of blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate faster and more cost-effective transactions. By introducing the Lightning Network Daemon and implementing the developer-friendly Lightning Network protocol, the company has made significant strides in advancing Bitcoin scalability while opening up new markets that require low-cost transactions.

Beyond addressing blockchain scalability issues, Lightning Labs’ innovations have the potential to revolutionize Bitcoin transactions, making them accessible to a broader audience and paving the way for decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. As the use and acceptance of cryptocurrency becomes more widespread, platforms such as Lightning Network stand poised to usher in a new era of low-cost decentralized transactions, bridging the gap between open-source software and next-generation fintech ideas.


AgriLedger, led by Founder and CEO Genevieve Leveille, is pioneering the application of Distributed Cryptoledger (Blockchain) technology to address social impact challenges in the agricultural sector. This project aims to empower agricultural producers by creating a circle of trust through blockchain-based solutions, prioritizing the promotion of financial inclusion and transparency. 

The company’s mission is to combat inefficiencies in agricultural supply chains, where up to 50% of crop value can be lost between harvest and sale. By leveraging blockchain technology, AgriLedger offers a mobile app that records and transacts incorruptible truth, providing a transparent and secure framework for farmers and buyers to engage in transactions.

The AgriLedger  platform provides farmers with access to critical services such as secure identity management and value vaulting, enabling them to participate in banking, micropayments, and loans for the first time. Additionally, by facilitating more effective distribution planning, AgriLedger helps reduce food waste and ensures that produce reaches markets where there is demand, ultimately contributing to global efforts to combat hunger and promote sustainable agriculture.

The Road Ahead for Women in Web3

These five projects are just a small glimpse of the remarkable and essential contributions that women are bringing to the Web3 landscape. However, while there are undoubtedly remarkable women making a difference, it’s evident that there’s still a long journey ahead. 

The future of Web3 holds immense promise, offering opportunities to revolutionize not only financial systems and artistic expression but also how we interact with the digital realm. It’s a pivotal moment for women to lead in shaping this transformative era. Yet, to ensure that Web3 truly includes everyone, concerted efforts are needed. 

Collaboration amongst groups, developers, and policymakers is crucial in supporting initiatives that promote diversity, including investing in education, supporting women and minority-led projects, and creating inclusive environments. As we navigate the journey ahead, it’s clear that the success of Web3 hinges on its inclusivity, with women playing a pivotal role in shaping this digital frontier. 

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