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Fund9 Proposals

We will integrate our platform with all third party Cardano Wallets including eternl, gero, yoroi, nami, and typhon wallet. Additional wallets will be supported as they come online.

Ogmios is an open-source library capable of using the cardano network mini-protocols to interact with the Cardano blockchain in a high-performance way. Kogmios makes this trivial to use from Kotlin.

We will hire a 3rd party auditing company to review our fractionalization smart contract.

We must offer a Know Your Customer solution to alleviate the lack of identity and allow seamless verification of artists credentials.

We will build an integrated marketplace that will facilitate the trading and swapping of fungible and non-fungible tokens to enable a realfi solution of tradable IP rights on the blockchain.

projectNEWM aims to provide all individuals who fractionalize ip rights with DIDs.

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