Inside NEWM Studio – A Guide to Distributing & Minting Your Music

The NEWM Studio is officially LIVE, which means artists all over the world can now mint & distribute their music, and experience the power of bringing their streaming royalties on chain! And the best part? You can have your first song minted in a matter of minutes!

Check out the video for a quick breakdown on music distribution through NEWM Studio with NIDO, a dance/electronic music Web3 artist. This step-by-step guide covers the minting and distributing process starting from uploading your first song to setting up your release date to minting and more. 

Oh, and if you’re new to web3 and feeling a bit lost, don’t worry – we got you. Here’s a bit more information about how NEWM Studio works in a nutshell and its benefits… 

What is NEWM Studio? 

NEWM Studio is a music distribution service that allows artists to mint (aka tokenize) their streaming royalty rights on the blockchain. Doing so creates Stream Tokens which include all the essential details about the song, such as the music, royalties, agreements, and more, giving you full control over your music. 

Whether you want to keep 100% of your royalties, divide them among song collaborators, or seamlessly transfer streaming royalty rights from one party to another, NEWM Studio puts the power in your hands and gives access to key benefits such as: 

  • One-Time Distribution Cost: No recurring annual fees to keep your music up on all the major streaming platforms.

  • Headache-Free Payouts: Music RFTs make it easy to automate royalty distribution for all contributors on a track and ensure every artist is fairly compensated. 

  • Creative control: Artists can set specific conditions for the RFT use, such as licensing terms or access to exclusive content, giving them more control over their work.

  • Keep 100% of your earnings: NEWM does not take a cut of your streaming royalties or earnings like other music distributors.

And music distribution is just the prelude. NEWM Studio is the first product release in the wider music ecosystem we’re developing, which includes a royalty-rights marketplace, in-house music streaming app and digital wallet. Discover more about NEWM Studio and explore our full roadmap. 

Ready to distribute and mint your music? Head to to join as an artist! Or if you just want to stay up to date with our progress, tune into our newsletter for the latest updates.

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